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Moving Through Grief with Essential Oils

Grief & Loss is a topic near and dear to my heart after having struggled with personal loss with the passing of my first husband in 2009.  Today marks the 8th Annivesary of his death.  Some years I pass by and don’t even realize what day it is.  Other years, I’m crippled with grief.  While I am grateful that I have been blessed with meeting and falling in love with someone who knew my late husband, who has been incredibly supportive and allowed me everything I needed to move forward after such a loss, very few days go by that I don’t think of my dear Rob at least once.  He may be gone but he will never be forgotten and I’m thankful of the short time we had together.

Today is one of those years that I struggle.  I didn’t sleep well, it’s rainy and dreary outside and there’s not enough coffee in the world to give me the get up and go I need to feel motivated.  I know several other friends and family members who have struggled with grief and loss of loved ones and thought maybe I would use this pain today as a way to reach out and share some of what I’ve learned with others.  So I’m taking a snippet of my class I taught last year on Mental Wellness and Emotional Support with Essential Oils to share with you today. I hope you find something of value in this post.

The class I taught back in May of 2016 referenced Dr. Carolyn Mein’s Releasing Emotional Patterns book and techniques.  I will not be reviewing her technique in detail so I highly encourage you to check out her book.  It is a must-have for any oily reference library, especially if you struggle with mental health issues.  As a licensed mental health counselor, I can tell you it has been an invaluable reference for helping to start to bring essential oils into my practice with clients.

Unfortunately, my go-to reference guide for all things oily, the Essential Oils Pocket Reference by Life Science Publishing, doesn’t really list oils specifically for grief.  They do have a section on emotional trauma but that was pretty vague.  So, I’ve included the graphic above from an online class I attended last year on Essential Oils and Emotions taught by Rosy Crescitelli.  I do not know the source of the image with oils added, but the original “Five Stages of Grief” image source credit belongs to Journey to Genius. You can use the oils listed aromatically, topically on VitaFlex emotional points on the ear (see picture below), or use in conjunction with Dr. Mein’s Releasing Emotional Patterns techniques.

For Denial – use Transformation to help start to accept your loss and move forward

For Anger – use Release to let go of anger and Forgiveness to help forgive yourself and others

For Bargaining – use Peppermint to help uplift and cleanse/purify your soul

For Depression – use Joy to bring peace to your heart

For Acceptance – use Acceptance to help move towards acceptance of your loss

Another of my favorite oily resources, the Reference Guide for Essential Oils app (on iTunes and Google Play for Android), which I love for the convenience of having right in my phone at all times, did have a few suggestions for using essential oils for grief and loss.  Here is what it suggested:

Usage Instructions from the Reference Guide for Essential Oils app:

  • Aromatic – diffuse into the air, inhale directly or apply to tissue
  • Topical – apply to auricular emotional points (see picture below). Dilute with V-6 or other carrier to create a massage oil and massage onto the skin.

Emotional Ear Chart from Essential Oils Pocket Reference Guide

I also found a really useful blog written by Mary Hyatt on how to help move through grief with essential oils.  She has a lot of great recipes for help dealing with the different stages of grief so I wanted to include it in addition to the oils and blends listed above.  She uses a different oil company so I have modified the recipes slightly to reflect the corresponding Young Living blends where appropriate.  Here is a link to her original blog if you would like to read it:

To release – 25 drops of Bergamot + 15 drops of Roman Chamomile + 7 drops Cypress + 6 drops Marjoram. Mix up in a glass vial or empty glass bottle.  Add 5-7 drops to a diffuser and run for 15 minutes per hour while home.

For denial – Blend an equal ratio of Geranium and Lavender. Apply to the bones behind the ears from the tops of the jawline; inhale; apply to the back of the neck, rubbing up into the hairline.

For anger – Equal parts Peace & Calming and Roman Chamomile. Use an upward motion to apply from the center of the chest to the top of the throat; inhale; apply around, not in, the belly button.

For bargaining – Blend an equal ratio of Ginger and Peppermint. Dab on wrists, rub together, and inhale every two hours.

For sadness – 6 drops of Cypress + 4 drops of Frankincense + 4 drops of Joy. Mix up in a glass vial or empty glass bottle.  Diffuse for 15 minutes every hour.  Apply a few drops to the forearms, rub together, and inhale often.

For acceptance – Blend equal parts Coriander, Frankincense, and Orange. Apply around the core and across the heart ever two hours.

If you are stuck in old grief – 4 drops Valor* + 4 drops Orange + 2 drops Lavender + 2 drops Melissa. Mix up in a glass vial or empty glass bottle.  Diffuse for 15 minutes every hour.  Apply a few drops to the forearms, rub together, and inhale often.

And here’s another great blog with suggestions and experiences from other essential oil users on how essential oils and blends have helped them cope with their grief:

And lastly, I thought it might be useful to include my notes from the Grief Seminar I attended as part of my grief process group in 2009.  This doesn’t include any oily information but it would be easy to incorporate the oils discussed above during a discussion of the following topics.  If you are not my friend on Facebook you will need to send me a friend request to view the notes (please send me a Private Message first so I know who you are and why you are requesting to be my friend so I don’t ignore the request):

So there it is.  Today I’m diffusing Joy and Orange in my office and wearing Peace & Calming on my wrists to help find some peace and get through the day.  I hope that you too find peace today if you are struggling with grief and loss or any other emotional difficulty.

Love and Light to you my friend,



* Because of Young Living’s Seed to Seal Guarantee and commitment to sustainable farming practices, Valor and Peace & Calming essential oil blends are often out of stock.  You can substitute Valor II and Peace & Calming II for these oil blends when not available.  While slightly different oils go into these blends, they were designed by Gary Young to have similar energetic properties and to be used for the same purposes.  Just another reason why I love Young Living!

Note: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. I am an aromatherapy student but I am not a medical doctor. Products and techniques mentioned here are to help support your specific areas of concern and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Information here is in no way intended to replace proper medical help. Consult with the health authorities of your choice for treatment.

Moving Through Grief with Essential Oils was originally published on Naturally Oily Adventures

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2016 – My Year for Crushin’ Health & Fitness Goals! (Part 3: Oily Tips & Tricks to Help You Reach Your Goals!)

weight loss

Welcome back to Part 3 of my Health & Fitness blog series: Oily Tips & Tricks to Help You Reach Your Goals! I’ve enjoyed sharing my journey with you and have really appreciated all the supportive feedback I have gotten from family and friends.  It’s such a wonderful feeling to know that my journey has helped inspire so many others and I can only hope to continue to motivate and inspire as I move into 2017 with bigger and better fitness goals in mind.  But today I want to share with you a little bit about how my oily obsession has helped me meet my goals this year!  So read on!

For the Athlete on the Go: Active & Fit Kit

Perfect to throw in your gym bag or for the student athlete, the Active & Fit Kit was created by Young Living ambassadors and athletes to help you rev up your workout by combining the power of Cool Azul Sports Gel, plus Deep Relief, Peppermint Vitality, Copaiba, R.C., and Thieves essential oil blends. This kit is designed with convenience in mind with a carabiner for easy attachment to any gym bag, an exterior pocket that perfectly fits a Slique Bar, and an interior pocket sized just right for a tube of NingXia NITRO. As an added bonus, this kit will include three roller fitments to complement each topical essential oil. The Active & Fit Kit supports every fitness regimen, from elite competition to daily workouts.

This was on my wishlist for several months after it was released in 2016 and I’m super excited to have it as part of my on-the-go gym bag! I use this kit several times a week. I’ve added and changed a few things so below I’ll tell you how and why I use each of the oils in my Active & Fit Kit!

Copaiba (with roller fitment)Copaiba is one of those oils that I tend to forget about because its less commonly used or talked about but it has so many awesome uses!  Copaiba is distilled from resin harvested from the tree that grows native in South America.  In addition to all it’s amazing oral and digestive health benefits, Copaiba also helps support the body’s natural response to injury and irritation. It is a key ingredient in Young Living’s best-selling roll-on blends Breathe Again and Deep Relief.  I mentioned in Part 2 of my blog series about my knees showing signs of wear and tear from my increased physical activity this year, hence why I take a Glucosamin Chondroitin supplement each morning.  But for added benefit, I like to roll on a little Copaiba essential oil on and around my knee joints to help give them a little support before I start my exercise routine.  I find this especially beneficial before I go for a run!

R.C. (with roller fitment) – R.C. is a powerhouse blend of 10 essential oils, including Cypress, Spruce, Myrtle, Marjoram, Pine, Lavender, Peppermint and three species of Eucalyptus designed to support healthy respiratory function.  I like to apply R.C. to my chest before physical activity, especially running, to help open the airways and ensure that my respiratory system operating at its best during exercise!  I’ve noticed a big difference when running with R.C. vs the days I forget to apply it.  Especially during transitional months when the sniffles are so common!

ThievesThieves is probably Young Living’s best known blend, so named after the Legend of the 4 Thieves who used to rob from plague victims during the 5th century but never got sick.  Thieves is a blend of Clove, Lemon, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus Radiata, and Rosemary essential oils.  I apply Thieves to the bottoms of my feet before I exercise or go run. Not only does this help support my immune system it also keeps my sweaty feet from stinking up my gym shoes! lol I chose not to put my roller fitment attachment on my Thieves because I tend to diffuse this a lot at work to keep the germs away when I have clients in and out of my office all day.  I have to refill my Thieves for the diffuser so often that I have had to resort to pulling it out of my Active & Fit kit at times so it’s easier to keep it off so I can use it both ways.

Peppermint Vitality – Did you know there is actually a ton of research suggesting that Peppermint essential oil can enhance athletic performance by supporting your respiratory and circulatory systems so you can go faster and farther? Just cracking open and smelling that bottle of peppermint oil can reduce perceived effort, improve your mood and boost your brainpower!!! A recent study by the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition found that adding Peppermint essential oil to athlete’s drinks improved their performance, blood pressure, heart rate and respiratory functioning. In addition, the test subjects were able to increase their performance by 51% as well as increased their time until exhaustion by 25%!!!  Young Living’s Active & Fit Kit comes with a bottle of Peppermint Vitality for just this reason!  Same high quality, therapeutic grade essential oils but labeled as a dietary supplement!  I love adding a drop or two of Peppermint Vitality to my water before exercise to give me a little extra pep in my step!

Deep Relief – The ONLY way you can get a 5 ml bottle of Deep Relief is with the Active & Fit Kit.  It’s the same amazing blend of Peppermint, Lemon, Balsam Canada, Clove, Copaiba, Wintergreen, Helichrysum, Vetiver and Dorado Azul in a coconut oil carrier that you get in the 10 ml Deep Relief roll-on but in a dropper bottle.  I actually find it easier to use the roll-on for my purposes, which is for targeted relief on sore muscles or aching joints after workouts so I replaced my 5 ml bottle with the 10 ml roll-on for daily use.  However, I’m hoarding my 5 ml bottle for other purposes like making my own DIY Bath Salts or Massage Lotion!

Cool Azul Sports GelCool Azul Sports Gel is an aloe based gel with a cooling blend of Peppermint, Wintergreen, Sage, Copaiba, Oregano, Niaouli, Lavender, Blue Cypress, Elemi, Willow, Caraway, Dorado Azul and Vetiver essential oils with Menthol and Camphor as well as Arnica and Chamomile flower extracts making it the perfect choice to use before or after physical activity. Rub and massage generously onto skin targeting sore or overworked muscles.  I’ve actually pulled muscles in my back a couple times over the last several months (picking up my toddler and washing the dogs, not exercising, believe it or not) and I applied Cool Azul to my lower back before bed!  By morning it always feels so much better! But make sure to wash hands after use, especially my gentleman readers, if you catch my drift!


Fitness, Inspired by Oola

Another of my favorite oils that I’ve actually added to my Active & Fit Kit so I have it on-the-go with me at all times is the Fitness, Inspired by Oola blend.  Young Living teamed up with the Oola Guys, creators of Oola to develop 7 essential oil blends inspired by the 7 F’s of Oola (fitness, finance, family, field, faith, friends, and fun). I could do a whole class on Oola and essential oils but today I want to share with you the Fitness essential oil blend. Fitness, Inspired by Oola is a blend of Cypress, Copaiba, Basil, Cistus, Marjoram, Peppermint, Clary Sage, Idaho Blue Spruce, Balsam Canada, Nutmeg and Black Pepper in a Coconut oil carrier designed to help uplift, energize and give you the inspiration to take your workout to the next level! I like to apply a couple drops to my Solar Plexus and repeat the Oola Fitness Affirmation “I am fit, healthy, disciplined and strong” before my workout. It’s also lovely to diffuse in your home gym or living room while you work up a sweat!

Learn more about the 7 F’s and Oola Balance here from the Oola Guys


Runner’s Magic Recipe

This little gem has been a life saver!!! It’s a recipe I’ll be sharing during my 2017 New Year New You: Essential Oils for New Years Fitness Resolutions class but I’ll give you a little sneak peak!  Shin Splints, often thought of as a runner’s injury plague more than just the marathon racer.  Nearly every athlete will get shin splints at some point in their career and also quite common among dancers. But even just running to catch the bus or increasing your activity level as you try to get in shape can lead to shin splints.  But what are they?  Shin Splints can actually be caused by several things from flat feet to inflammation and irritation in the mucles surrounding the shin bones from being overworked to stress fractures in the tibia or fibula!  I added this roller bottle to my Active & Fit Kit and use it after running or plyometric (think jump training) workouts when my shins and calves tend to ache the most!


Runner’s Magic Roller
In a 10 ml roller bottle, combine
• 12 drops of PanAway
• 12 drops of Valor or Valor II
• Fill with Ortho Sport or Ortho Ease massage oil

Roll directly onto affected area for relief from shin splints or other discomfort from overactive workouts.




Post-Workout Relief

Sore muscles?  There’s an oil (well several actually!) for that!  The Active & Fit Kit comes with both Cool Azul Sports Gel as well as Deep Relief (see above) both of which are awesome at targeted relief.  But one of my all time favorite ways to soothe my muscles after a strenuous workout is to take a relaxing bath!  PanAway is one of my favorite oils to add to my post-workout bath.  It is a cooling blend of Peppermint, Wintergreen, Clove, and Helichrysum designed to provide relief from normal aches and pains.  You can also add to Young Living’s Ortho Sport or Ortho Ease massage oils to soothe sore muscles after a workout! Here is one of my favorite, simple DIY post-workout bath salts recipes!

Simple DIY Post-Workout Bath Salts Recipe


Mix ingredients and store in 8 oz glass jar. Throw handful in tub before sinking in and relaxing!  Trust me, your muscles will thank you!

Make sure to check out my 2017 New Year New You online essential oils for fitness class for a DIY Massage Lotion recipe and even more ideas for post-workout relief!


So there you have it.  The 3rd and final installment of my 2016 Health & Fitness blog series: Oily Tips & Tricks to Help You Reach Your Goals! Be on the look out for an invite to my 2017: New Year New You online class about using essential oils to help meet your health and fitness goals!  In the class I will be covering a holistic approach to meeting weight management and fitness goals using Young Living essential oils and supplements.  This post was just a precursor to all the information I will be sharing in that class!  So if you have health and fitness resolutions for the New Year you don’t want to miss it!!! If you’re not my friend on Facebook, or aren’t one of my usual suspects, and want an invite, comment below with your email and/or Facebook name or PM me on Facebook and I’ll be sure to add you to the guest list!

I hope you have enjoyed reading about my journey! In case you missed it, make sure to check out the other installments of my 2016 Health & Fitness blog series Part 1: Intro to my Diet and Exercise Routine and Part 2: My Supplement and Protein Shake Reviews.

Disclaimer:  I am not a health professional, certified trainer or nutritionist.  I am merely an average girl just like you who got sick and tired of being sick and tired.  I have been asked about what I’ve been doing to have the results I have been blessed with so wanted to share the love!  Please consult with your medical professional to ensure that you are healthy enough for increased activity levels and/or a nutritionist to ensure that any dietary needs you may have are being met by whatever nutritional program you choose. 

2016 – My Year for Crushin’ Health & Fitness Goals! (Part 3: Oily Tips & Tricks to Help You Reach Your Goals!) was originally published on Naturally Oily Adventures

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2016 – My Year for Crushin’ Health & Fitness Goals! (Part 2: My Supplement and Protein Shake Reviews)

2016 – My Year for Crushin’ Health & Fitness Goals! (Part 2: My Supplement and Protein Shake Reviews) was originally published on Naturally Oily Adventures


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French Aromatherapy: Hydrosols


I have been so busy with clients at work and creating online classes to share my love of essential oils that I have not had much time to study my aromatherapy certification material let alone blog lately.  But today I had an unexpected free day where I was caught up with all my classes and team obligations and my only client on my schedule at work no showed.  So I took advantage of this opportunity to pick up where I had left off with my aromatherapy certification course.  As I started studying this material I thought this would be an excellent opportunity to share another installment in my French Aromatherapy blog series.  Today’s topic: Hydrosols.

What are Hydrosols?

Hydrosols, are the water-soluble components of the plant that is produced during the distillation process.  Many essential oil distillers will simply throw out the hydrosol as they are after the essential oil.  However, hydrosols have a long history of use in aromatic medicine and are often a better option for certain uses or individuals.  Hydrosols are often referred to as “flower waters” yet this name is misleading as not all hydrosols are produced from flowers or even from aromatic plant material.  Like essential oils, hydrosols may be produced from the whole plant or individual plant components such as leaves, stems, roots, seeds, flowers or resins.  However, unlike essential oils, hydrosols may also be produced using nonaromatic plant material, such as nettles or plantain.

Hydrosols contain many of the same therapeutic properties of essential oils.  However, they take much less plant material than essential oils to produce and generally contain less than 1% of the chemical constituents found in essential oils.   The other constituents are the hydrophilic compounds not found in the essential oil at all.  While hydrosols only contain small quantities of the plant molecules, this does not necessarily mean that they are less effective than essential oils.  Sometimes, the more a preparation is diluted the stronger its action may be on the organism.  In other words, less is sometimes more!

Uses of Hydrosols

In general, hydrosols can be used in almost anything that essential oils can be used in.  They are perhaps best known in the following aromatherapy applications:

  • To support the individual’s overall terrain
  • For internal use (in water or tea, alone or with other hydrosols – full strength)
  • In cream, lotion or gel recipes
  • As Facial toners
  • In Facial and body cleanser recipes
  • In facial exfoliants
  • As bath additives
  • In clay compresses
  • Room spritzers
  • As mouth washes and gargles
  • For an internal detox
  • In hydrotherapy
  • In Sitz baths
  • For nose washes
  • As an addition to baby baths
  • Towel baths (for elderly or in hospice)
  • For eye rinses and compresses
  • In house cleaning products

Hydrosol Dilutions

Since hydrosols are far less concentrated than their essential oil counterparts, they are considered extremely safe and effective with few known side effects.  Hydrosols are not mucous membrane irritants like many essential oils, have no known contra-indications and are a safer alternative for long-term treatment protocols.  They are considered ideal for babies, children, and pregnant or breasfeeding women.   Hydrosols can be used both internally and externally without any significant safety concerns.

For internal use: Add between a tsp and a dessert spoonful to a glass of water or herbal tea at least three times per day. This protocol can be continued for up to 21 days if needed.  If longer treatment is desired, take a week off then resume the same protocol listed above.

For creams, lotions, gels and cleansing bases: Choose your hydrosols based on the desired therapeutic properties.  Simply replace the water content in your recipe with a hydrosol or combination of desired hydrosols.  For cleansing bases, a general rule of thumb is to combine 3 ounces of your base, such as Castile soap, with 1 ounce of hydrosol.  You may need to experiment to find the perfect ratio for your cleanser, however.

For clay and other facial exfoliants: Again some experimentation may be warranted but begin by adding 1 tsp or 1 Tbsp of hydrosols to your clay or other exfoliant and blend.  You may need to add more to achieve your desired consistency.

With the elderly: Because elderly individuals tend to have thinner, more sensitive skin many essential oils may be too strong when used topically or internally.  Hydrosols are an excellent option for helping to provide support for digestive and respiratory systems as well as to support their overall terrain.  They may also help promote relaxation and soothe and calm the individual.  Safe for internal usage.

With babies and small children: Unlike essential oils, hydrosols are safe for both internal and external use with babies and small children.  Hydrosols may be diluted with water, juice or warmed milk (dairy or nut milk).  Internal usage of hydrosols can be very effective at helping to support the child’s overall terrain.  For children under 3, reduce internal dosage to 1/3 tsp 3x day in water, juice or milk for up to 21 days.

Dilutions for Baths, Compresses and Spritzers/Toners: 

Infants to 6 months of age – Add 1 tsp of chosen hydrosol to an infant bathtub or 2 tsp for an adult tub filled to baby depth
Children up to 12 years of age – Add 1 tsp of hydrosol per year of age, up to a maximum of 8 tsp
Adults – Use from 30 to 250 mililiters (or 1 to 8 ounces per tub)
Foot Baths – Add 2-3 Tbsp for foot bath
Compresses – For adults, add 3-5 Tbsp of hydrosols to 1 liter of water at the desired temperature; for children, add 2 to 3 tsp of hydrosols per 1 liter of water
Spritzers/Toners – Use 100% concentration of single hydrosols or a combination of hydrosols

A Brief Overview of a Few Hydrosols and Their Uses

Cistus Hydrosol – has toning properties that are beneficial for skincare and can help tighten the pores, calm occasional acne breakouts and protect against wrinkles.  Cistus Hydrosol is also useful in your natural first aid kits as it can help slow bleeding and promote wound healing.   For bloody noses, spray Cistus Hydrosol on a cotton ball and insert into the nose to help slow down the bleeding.
Eucalyptus Globulus Hydrosol – a refreshing hydrosol beneficial for oily and acne-prone skin.  Eucalyptus Globulus Hydrosol may also help calm red, dry, or irritated eyes when used in a compress for the eyes.
German Chamomile Hydrosol – useful for children and related skin problems as it can help calms and soothe common skin irritations.  German Chamomile Hydrosol is commonly used for the eyes and ocular irritations.  When used internally, may help to calm digestive problems, such as nervous digestion.  In a mist spray, German Chamomile may also help protect against seasonal irritations and calm occasional coughs.
Helichrysum Hydrosol – may help minimize bruising and alleviate minor pain from bumps and bruises, such as trapping a finger in the door. Also useful for ciruclatory support and can be used in a bath or Sitz bath to encourage circulation to the pelvic region and soothe vaginal or anal irritations.  Helichrysum Hydrosol has a calming effect that may help sooth burns or sunburns, either alone or used in conjunction with Lavender, Chamomile or Plaintain Hydrosols. Energetically, Helichrysum Hydrosol can have a calming and nurturing effect that can help with emotional turmoil or working through trauma.  Simply add to a spray bottle and spritz in the mouth and around the aura from time to time.
Lavender Hydrosol – Just like the essential oil, Lavender Hydrosol is like the Swiss Army Knife of hydrosols because it has so many uses! It is yet another calming hydrosol that can help soothe sunburns or other burns.  Lavender Hydrosol may also be used externally in a spray or internally in a glass of water 2-3 times per day to help calm overly excited children or decrease stress and worry in both children and adults.  It may help reduce inflammation and calm insect bites or stings.  It is also beneficial for oily or acne-prone skin and other skin irritations due to its remarkable ability to help promote healing.  In addition, when blended with Clary Sage and Rose Hydrosols, or used alone, Lavender Hydrosol can be a great relief in the bath for menstrual pains or just simply to soothe and nourish the skin for a relaxing bath before bed.
Melissa Hydrosol – known to be calming to the digestive system and can appease indigestion or upset stomachs.  Like many hydrosols, Melissa has astringent properties which suits oily skin and can be especially useful for when those monthly acne breakouts pop up.  Melissa Hydrosol also has a calming effect which can help promote relaxation, calm anger and rage as well as help promote a restful night’s sleep.   Add a soup spoon full of Melissa Hydrosol to your evening herbal tea or in the day to help alleviate stress and sadness.
Peppermint Hydrosol – an excellent general toner which can bring back vitality to tired skin and support circulation.  A strong digestive support which can help ease occasional queasiness and travel sickness.  Peppermint Hydrosol can also be used alone or in combination with Rosemary Hydrosol as a mouth wash or gargle to help get rid of bad breath.  In addition, Peppermint Hydrosol may help ease a pounding head when used alone or in a 50:50 blend with Lavender Hydrosol to create a compress and place on the forehead.  Add 2 soup spoons full to hot water and inhale the vapors for 10 minutes a couple times a day to clear a stuffy head and support the respiratory system.
Sage Hydrosol – unlike the essential oil of Salvia officinalis that needs to be used carefully and sparingly, Sage Hydrosol is very well tolerated by individuals.   It is a powerful antioxidant that effectively combats free radicals, and helps regenerate the skin and fight against wrinkles.  It is known to harmonize, purify and helps protect the skin and scalp, bringing vitality back to lifeless hair and may help regulates excessive secretions such as sebum and perspiration.  Sage Hydrosol also helps provide hormone support, especially for premenopausal women.  Like Peppermint Hydrosol, Sage Hydrosol also makes an excellent general mouthwash and supports oral health.  Energetically, Sage Hydrosol is considered to be opening and may help one confront fears and support meditation practices.
Thyme (Thymus vulgaris ct linalool) Hydrosol – Be aware of different chemotypes of Thyme as they do not contain the same quantities of each molecule and therefore have different usages. Thyme Hydrosol is considered to be stimulating to the nervous system and is often used in herbal teas, diluted in water or in inhalations for respiratory irritations.  It is also helpful in calming intestinal inflammations and may help support the urinary tract and a healthy vaginal flora.
Witch Hazel Hydrosol – best known for its astringent properties and is often recommended for sensitive skin and those who have a tendency to suffer from rashes.  Witch Hazel is a very gentle hydrosol and suitable for all skin types, especially mature skin due to its antioxidant effect.  May also help support the circulatory system.
Plaintain Hydrosol – any of the three common plaintains: Plantago media, Plantago major, and Plantago lanceolata can be used – although Jade Shutes prefers the Plantago lanceolata variety, Plaintain Hydrosol is useful for calming insect bites, stings, blisters and other skin irritations or as a facewash for acne-prone skin.  It is also effective as an eyewash for ocular  irritations and can be mixed with Cornflower, Greater Celandine, German Chamomile and Sweet Clover Hydrosols for those who suffer from chronic weakness and sensitivity of the eyes. When taken internally, Plaintain Hydrosol may be beneficial in supporting the respiratory and digestive systems.  Can also be used in conjunction with Plaintain tea and tincture for seasonal relief and to create a protective barrier against pollen.
Nettle Hydrosol – provides a grounding effect to help manage stress and helps the individual pace themselves in order to push forward and carry on.  Nettle Hydrosol may also be helpful to nourish and fortify the hair, bringing a shine to dull or lifeless hair.  When used on the skin, it can help tone and regulate sebum and is an excellent choice for acne and skin related issues.

Where to get Hydrosols

Unfortunately, Young Living does not carry hydrosols at this time, although I hear rumors through the grapevine that some of them are used for hydrotherapy and in organic farming practices on the Young Living farms.  I hope that one day they will realize that there is a market for high quality, therapeutic grade hydrosols for aromatherapy students, practitioners and members who are interested in living a more natural lifestyle.  While I have never used and cannot endorse the essential oils from the following companies (you guys know I only trust Young Living due to their Seed to Seal guarantee!) these are the companies that Jade Shutes and Cathy Skipper recommend:

Stillpoint Aromatics – a small, boutique essential oil company based out of Arizona that distills their own oils and hydrosols.  They have relationships with organic and ethical farmers around the world and promise quality, therapeutic grade products.

Inshanti – another small, boutique essential oil company founded by a spa owner in Pennsylvania who wanted to create her own pure synergies and blends.  She studied aromatherapy at another reputable school, Aromahead Institute, and has expanded her selection of essential oils to include hydrosols over the years.

Mountain Rose Herbs – A larger company but one I respect and trust.  Before discovering Young Living I used Mountain Rose Herb’s essential oils and I’ve also used many of their butters, waxes, carrier oils, herbs, salts and spices over the years.  They promise an extensive selection of organic products and I’ve always been really pleased with the products I’ve ordered.


So there you have it.  The latest installment of my French Aromatherapy blog series that follows along my journey while I study for my certification in French Aromatic Medicine.  Hopefully I’ll be able to give more attention to my studies and get back to writing more consistently in the near future.  Just in case you missed them, here are the links to my other French Aromatherapy blog installments:

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* Source: Jade Shutes and Cathy Skipper’s Hydrosol course material in the School for Aromatic Studies French Aromatherapy Certification program


Note: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. I am an aromatherapy student but I am not a medical doctor. Products and techniques mentioned here are to help support your specific areas of concern and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Information here is in no way intended to replace proper medical help. Consult with the health authorities of your choice for treatment.

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