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Why I Chose Young Living Essential Oils


There are a lot of oil companies out there and due to the rising popularity of essential oils they can even be bought in some grocery or health food stores.  But as I discussed in my previous post, not all oils are created equally.  This post is not intended to claim that any one brand of oil is better than any other nor will I pressure anyone into choosing Young Living as their preferred brand or high pressure sales to order through me as a Young Living distributor.  However, you will see Young Living oils included in my recipes and opportunities to purchase if you so desire throughout my future posts.  This post is to explain my rationale for choosing Young Living as my preferred brand of essential oils and why I joined as a wholesale member.

I’ve tried many brands of essential oils over the past several years, including store bought brands such as Aura Cacia (sold at Vitamin Shoppe and many grocery stores), Simpler’s Botanicals (sold at Earth Fare and other health food stores), Mountain Rose Herbs, doTERRA, and Young Living and can vouch from direct comparison that there are differences you can smell just from opening up the container as well as the quality of the product.

Store bought brands: Admittedly it’s convenient to run out to your local grocery or health food store and pick up a bottle of essential oil and this is how I first started using oils.  One of my first essential oil purchases was the widely available Aura Cacia’s lavender and peppermint oils. While Aura Cacia lists its products as “100% pure essential oil” it actually says on the bottle “not intended for therapeutic purposes.”  Despite this, not knowing any different I used both oils in skincare and toothpaste recipes for the better part of a year before learning my error.  Thankfully, no harm came to me from using them in therapeutic ways but now I know better.  I also picked up Simpler’s Botanicals clary sage when this type of oil was recommended to me by an herbalist friend to help regulate my menstrual cycle while we were trying to conceive in 2013.  I was desperate and didn’t want to wait to order from an online source so I ran out and picked up a bottle at Earth Fare.  Simpler’s Botanicals claim to be organic, therapeutic grade oils and therefore have more therapeutic applications than Aura Cacia.  They do list their sources of plants and herbs on their website (which I like) but do not own their own farms so quality control isn’t quite as high as I’d like from my essential oils now that I’m a more educated consumer.

Online sources: The main source of online essential oils that I’ve utilized is Mountain Rose Herbs (  I was introduced to their products through the Crunchy Betty blog and Facebook community.  They are a great company and have a lot of different products besides essential oils, including dry/ground herbs and spices, teas, beauty/skincare/haircare products, and supplies for making your own homemade products.  Mountain Rose products are overall a great quality and very affordable.  They use sustainable practices and practice fair trade when negotiating with USDA certified organic farmers all over the world (which I like) but again, do not own their own farms so brings up the issue of quality control for me. If you choose to use Mountain Rose Herbs for your source for essential oils make sure you read the descriptions very carefully! They do offer organic, therapeutic grade oils but not all of their oils are of the same quality.  I mistakenly ordered a lavender that was not and was very disappointed in the product.

MLM/Direct Sales brands: A very good friend of mine, who happens to be an herbalist, and I went to a local Green Expo and were introduced to doTERRA oils there.  She joined as a wholesale member and purchased one of their starter kits.  Overall we were impressed with the quality of their oils and enjoyed playing with different recipes together using their oils.  In fact, my amazing belly butter that I used throughout my pregnancy to help prevent stretch marks (which worked really well!) was made using primarily doTERRA oils.  What I’ve learned since then is that doTERRA was actually founded in 2008 by Young Living members who broke away from the organization and founder Gary Young.   Many of their recipes and blends are almost identical to Young Living and some are offered at a slightly lower retail cost.  As far as financial considerations go, however, their starter kit, costs a little bit more than Young Living’s starter kits.  But again, doTERRA contracts with international farms rather than owning their own farms.

I’m not going to get into the lawsuits, mudslinging, independent testing, or ethics involved with the doTERRA vs Young Living debate – there’s plenty of resources out there and I encourage you to do your research in making the best choice for your family.

So, why did I choose Young Living essential oils?

1) Young Living is the oldest direct sales essential oil company founded over 20 years ago.  They own their own farms and control the quality of their oils from the moment the seed is planted in the ground through the harvesting and distillation process whereas other oil companies buy their plants from farms and cannot guarantee how the plants were grown or harvested.  Young Living calls this the “Seed to Seal” guarantee and they invite consumers to actually visit the Young Living farms and see the process for themselves.   Young Living’s oils are also rigorously tested both in house and through third-party  research facilities to ensure they meet the highest standards. This guarantee of quality and confidence in their product means a lot to me as I’ve learned more about how much the quality of essential oils can vary.


2) Variety.  Young living currently offers 87 single oils and 70 blends that all meet the “Seed to Seal” quality standards.

3) The value of the Premium Starter Kit allowed me to try out several of Young Living’s best selling single oils and blends at a significantly reduced cost than buying them at retail value.  Once I added up the five oils that I was interested in trying I was already at $175!!! To purchase everything that came in my kit would’ve cost me over $274 retail but by purchasing the starter kit I got all you see below for just $150. That’s the 10 Everyday Oils (which included all 5 of the oils I really wanted to try), an 11th bonus oil, a home diffuser (a $75 value which I LOVE but never would’ve purchased on my own), as well as a roller ball to turn any oil into a roller and some samples of other best selling oils. Plus, by joining as a wholesale member I get 24% off retail for all my future orders with no commitment to buy (or sell) anything else if I didn’t want to!  It was a no brainer!


4) Now that I have my Young Living oils I have been afforded the opportunity for a direct comparison of their tea tree, lavender, and peppermint oils with the same oils by other brands.  Quite frankly they smell better (like nature, not sweet like candy) which is a big indicator of quality in my book.  I’ve also had the opportunity to start experimenting with some of my tried and true recipes and so far I’m impressed with the differences (including needing less YL peppermint EO in my toothpaste recipe than I’ve needed to get the same flavor with other EO brands)!

So there you have it.  Get out there, do your research, buy some oils and start comparing for yourself.  If you want more information about Young Living, or essential oils in general, please don’t hesitate to send me a message or email.  If you are ready to try out some Young Living oils as a retail customer or if you know you want to join as a wholesale member to get the Premium Starter Kit just click the Shop Now link and follow the prompts!

No matter what brand oils you decide is right for your family, thank you for following my page and I look forward to sharing my journey with you!!!

Author: shadowhawk1231

A wife, a mother, and an all natural DIYer!

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