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How To Clean Your Microwave Naturally (without Toxic Chemicals)!

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Part 1 of my Clean Your Home Naturally (without Toxic Chemicals) series: How To Clean Your Microwave Naturally.

When I catch the cleaning bug I always start in the kitchen because it seems like there is no end to stuff to clean.  I try to keep the dishes done and the counter tops clean on a daily basis but so much other kitchen cleaning just falls to the wayside because I simply don’t have time (or the baby decides I’m done cleaning even when Mommy still has some motivation left to clean!). I’m embarrassed to admit how long it has been since cleaning the inside of the microwave… it’s probably my least favorite cleaning activity (I’d rather clean the toilet). Part of why I hate it so much is that food splatters (because honestly, who uses those nifty little food covers for everything you microwave?) then gets cooked on by repeated microwave use and is super hard and crusty when it comes time to clean. I’d heard many times that you could use vinegar to clean the microwave so naturally with my love of all things vinegar I had to give it a try. I looked at many sources and they were pretty much all the same: Use a mixture of 50/50 vinegar and water, put in microwave for 5- 10 minutes so that it boils and makes steam (this is what moistens and loosens the caked on food), then wipe clean. The one variation I saw said to put a toothpick, or something wooden, in the water.

I chose to use a 1 cup glass measuring cup with ½ cup DWV and ½ cup water. I first microwaved for 5 minutes and still felt like the baked on food was a bit harder than I hoped it would be so I put it back in for 10 minutes, which was a bit too long. It never made it to 10 minutes before it scared the hell out of me by popping and actually blowing the door to my microwave open!!! Perhaps this is why that one author said to put a toothpick or something wooden in there, I don’t know… But next time I’ll start with like 7 minutes, then add 1-2 minute increments if I feel like it needs more time. Thankfully, nothing was hurt – the glass didn’t break and the microwave door still opens and closes just fine. It did mean that the vinegar/water solution sprayed all over the inside of the microwave, however. After I mopped up the excess solution I took my sponge and just wiped the inside of the microwave down and I’m pleased to report that there was NO scrubbing!!! Every little bit of baked on food wiped right off without the slightest resistance! Check out my before and after photo!

microwave inside - before and after

Do you have favorite non-toxic household cleaning tricks? Share them in the comments below to keep the conversation going! Also, make sure to check back daily this week for more DIY non-toxic cleaning recipes and household hacks!!!

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