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Infant tummies are delicate things! Here’s a DIY Prune Puree and Juice recipe for constipated babies.


So in all my excitement to introduce my daughter to new and exciting healthy solid foods I missed the memo about constipation.  Up until 4 1/2 months my daughter was exclusively fed breastmilk.  We started solids slowly only giving her a little here and a little there for the first two weeks, then once a day for the next 3 weeks or so and only in the last couple weeks have we been giving her solids twice daily.  At home it is usually in between breastfeeding but at daycare they tend to offer her solids first around lunch time and then give a bottle after she has had her food.  I had previously read that babies didn’t need water because they got all they needed from breastmilk or formula.  However, once babies start solids adding a little bit of water, between 2-4 oz daily, can help prevent constipation.  Live and learn…

Little tummies are delicate things. So last weekend we were faced with a very constipated and unhappy baby.  She was super fussy, only wanted to be held, had a lot of excess gas and would cry when she would pass what little she could.  So I immediately ran to my Facebook mommies support group and asked how to help.  The overwhelming answer was give her prunes or prune juice and add a bit of water daily during meal times.  The water was easy, we’ve got a sippy cup that we had introduced a couple times so this just gave us a reason to practice daily (although I’m not convinced she’s getting much as she seems to wear more of it than she drinks on most days!).  But I had no idea how to give a baby prunes.  Since we’ve been making all our own homemade healthy baby food thus far (see my previous post Homemade Nutritious Baby Food Recipes) I accepted the challenge and went off to find a prune purée recipe.  What I found was super simple!

DIY Prune Purée and Juice Recipe: 


  • 1 bag of organic dried prunes – you can usually find these in the bulk or dried food sections of healthfood stores.  (I was desperate and closer to Kroger than any of our health food stores in town and couldn’t find organic.  But I did find preservative free prunes, so that alleviated some of my guilt.  Prunes, or Plums rather, are 18/50 on EWG’s Full List of Fruits and Vegetables with Pesticide Residue so you decide how important organic is to you.)
  • Approximately 2 cups of water – enough to cover the plums by 1″


Rinse prunes well, especially if you were unable to find organic prunes.  Place prunes in medium saucepan and cover with water by 1″.  Bring to a boil and simmer for about 10 minutes.  Let cool then add prunes to Vitamix or food processor.  Add reserved water a little at a time until desired consistency.  It will be a thick paste consistency, however.  You can even experiment by adding it to other foods to keep little systems regular.  Keep the remainder of the reserved prune water to give as a substitute to store bought prune juice.  No added sugar, preservatives or artificial junk! (I served a little and froze the rest in breastmilk storage bags – 2 oz each for when we need to get the system moving again).

Modified from the original recipe at Rookie Moms: Prune Baby Food


My little love was blocked up for 3 days with very little movement.  I made this puree on Sunday and gave her 1 oz plus she drank about 1/2 – 1 oz of prune juice that day and sent her with 1 oz of puree and more juice to daycare on Monday.  On Monday she had 3 BM (be prepared for poopsplosions – here’s my recipe for DIY Stain Remover if you missed it) and 2 more on Tuesday.  We served apple puree on Tuesday at daycare as a transition meal then re-introduced greens Tuesday evening for some fiber and froze the rest of the prune purée for a rainy day.  It seemed like this has helped reset her system a little bit.  I’ve been more cautious about giving too much oatmeal or too many bananas and have been trying to give her water every day (although I admit I forget some days).  Overall we are quite pleased with this recipe!

What’s your favorite way to give your little one prunes? Share your recipe below!

Author: shadowhawk1231

A wife, a mother, and an all natural DIYer!

2 thoughts on “Infant tummies are delicate things! Here’s a DIY Prune Puree and Juice recipe for constipated babies.

  1. Thank you for your recipe. I’m about to make the puree now and also freeze the juice. I bought organic pitted prunes. Do I remove the pits prior to putting in the blender? Help! Thank you 🙂


    • Mine didn’t have pits but if yours are pitted I would definitely remove prior to blending! They might be a bit easier to remove after being heated in the water. I’m not 100% sure. Hope it works out well for you!


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