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Why buy a $20 dollar bottle of Lavender when you can get it for $6!?

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This is a well written blog about the differences between therapeutic and non-therapeutic grade essential oils! Know what you are getting and only use 100% pure, therapeutic grade oils from a reputable company. Do you know where your oils are grown, how they are harvested, and the distilling procedures? Can you go visit the farms where the herbs are grown? These were huge factors when I was looking for an essential oil company that I could trust implicitly!


So why should you invest in oils that cost more?

When we are talking about essential oils, there are generally 2 different categories; those that heal and those that don’t – therapeutic-grade oils and those that are not.

The internet is filled with a lot of articles and information. If you look up essential oils on Google, I am sure a lot of different things will come up, both good and bad. I get it’s easy to be sceptic. The tricky part is people are not always good at mentioning what kind of oils they are addressing. And so if you read someone sharing about the risks of certain oils, or warning about an oil even being toxic, make sure you know what kind of oils they are talking about. If they were actually referring to non-therapeutic grade oils, they are probably right in warning you. However, if an oil…

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