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New Adventures and Exciting Updates !

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Sorry I’ve been MIA for awhile!  I’ve been working really hard on building my essential oil business.  As you all know I’ve been an Independent Distributor for Young Living since May of 2015.  I was super hesitant to even get started with the business side of things and wasn’t sure how long I would keep it up.  My original goal was simply just to pay for my oils each month.  Since then I’ve learned that I absolutely love this business! Crazy, right!?! Especially since I am decidedly not that sales person that can sell ice to an Eskimo.  But I love researching all the amazing things essential oils can do and educating my friends and family on ways these oils can change their lives! I’ve enjoyed sharing about my adventures with you all here and will continue to research, make, and share new DIY home, health, and beauty recipes for the foreseeable future!

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But I’m pleased to introduce my new adventure, my new website: Naturally Oily Adventures (!  Check it out and let me know what you think! On my website you can learn all about essential oils, learn about what sets Young Living apart from other essential oil companies, view Young Living’s complete catalog of products, individual oils, essential oil blends, home, health and beauty products, read my blog posts and of course shop essential oils!

I am no web developer or internet genius.  I knew I wanted a website and deliberated for quite some time on what I wanted to do.  I’m a “go BIG or go home!” kind of girl and was really disappointed with many of the replicated essential oil distributor websites I’d seen out there.  I seriously considered enlisting the help of my tech saavy and web developer friends to make my own website.  Until I found Oily Sites! If you are in the biz and wanting your own website, check them out (and tell them that Celia sent you!).  Seriously, they are amazing! Jon and Kyler have offered me invaluable support since I got started earlier this month and have been a huge help in getting my blog here linked up with my website.  It’s still a work in progress but I couldn’t wait to share my excitement with my readers!

Of course what this means is that I’ll be working the kinks out while learning to blog on my new format and how to sync with this blog.  I may be more quiet than normal but don’t worry, I haven’t forgot about you! I want to hear from you! What can I do to make my website better? What information do you wish it had that it doesn’t? Any essential oils you want more information on or problems you want me to research solutions for?  Comment below, or even better, head on over to my new website and send me a message!

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