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Sharing my adventures in living a more natural lifestyle, information about essential oils and natural home, health, and beauty recipes!

Merging in progress: Please excuse the updates if you follow my blog

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It has come to my attention recently that while I’ve been in the process of merging all my blog posts over to my new website Naturally Oily Adventures that those of you who follow my blog may have been getting an excessive number of email updates.  I’m sorry for the inconvenience and hope that after this month everything will be transitioned over and future updates will be much more streamlined with only email updates from new blog posts.  Please be forewarned that this week I will be trying to edit all my blog posts from about May until September-ish and deleting duplications as they occur.  However, as I go about this process, I’m also adding a new social media platform: Pinterest! Make sure to head on over and follow my new board Naturally Oily | Adventures in Living a Natural Lifestyle and remember, “Sharing is Caring!”

Much love to those of you who have chosen to follow my adventures! I’m excited about what the future holds and pleased you have decided to join me on my Adventures in Living a Natural Lifestyle!

Blessed Be,



Author: shadowhawk1231

A wife, a mother, and an all natural DIYer!

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