Adventures in Living a Natural Lifestyle

Sharing my adventures in living a more natural lifestyle, information about essential oils and natural home, health, and beauty recipes!

About My Adventures

Welcome to my blog Adventures in Living a Natural Lifestyle – a place to share information, ideas, tricks, DIY recipes, and natural living life hacks with like-minded individuals.

I’m very excited to have a platform to share with others my adventures in living a more natural lifestyle! I’ve been on this journey more or less for many years but really started trying to be a more educated consumer and trying to rid my life of toxic chemicals in 2013 while we were trying to conceive our first child. Now that we have our daughter in our lives I’ve become even more aware of the hidden dangers from chemicals in our home and have re-committed myself to finding new and more natural ways to clean as well as modeling for her a natural approach to beauty and hygiene.

Over the past couple years I’ve become very excited about essential oils and how much they can do! I’ve been using various essential oils in my skincare and beauty routines since 2013. Recently, in early 2015, I began researching more into essential oil brands and fell in love with Young Living essential oils because of their Seed to Seal Guarantee and commitment to quality. I loved that they own their own farms and invite members and guests to come and visit.  We buy organic and shop local as much as possible, fulling subscribing to the Farm to Table movement.  So why wouldn’t I expect the same of my essential oil company!?! I had originally shied away from Young Living, and other direct sales oil companies, because I hate high pressure sales and thought that all Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) and direct-sale companies were all about pushing me to buy a product I didn’t want. But a friend who was involved with Young Living and a team of distributors called the Lemon Droppers showed me that it didn’t have to be that way at all! Still, it was with great hesitance that I purchased my starter kit and I initially thought that in no way would I ever want to sell it!

But my excitement has grown and after having an opportunity to make direct comparisons to other oil brands I’ve used previously, I’ve learned I truly do love my Young Living oils!!! As a result, I decided to open up the possibility of helping my friends and family purchase these wonderful oils at a discounted rate! So throughout my blog posts you will see many references to Young Living oils. Please do not feel that I’m trying to pressure you into buying anything. I have other friends who are true to their own brands of essential oils and there’s no reason we can’t all learn, share ideas, and play together! But if you ever do want to know more about Young Living essential oils, or if you have questions about natural approaches to take care of your home or family’s wellness, please don’t hesitate to send me a message!

Please stick around and explore my blog posts.  You will see a menu to the right that lists categories that may be of interest to you.  There is also a list of most used tags in the lower right hand corner of this page if you care to search by specific ingredient or topics.  Just click on the desired link and any blog post related to that category or tag will come up!  I love to hear feedback from my readers so please feel free to “like” and comment on your favorite blog posts.  Make sure to follow me for the latest updates and remember, “Sharing is Caring!”  Thank you for joining me on my Adventures in Living a Natural Lifestyle!

Love and Light,

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