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Shop Essential Oils

There are two ways to shop for essential oils with Young Living.

  1. As a retail member
  2. As a wholesale member

No matter which way you choose to shop, please use the following link to support me and my Adventures in Living a Natural Lifestyle! Shop Now!

If you choose to join as a wholesale member you will have access to specials (including various starter kits, Everyday Oils collection, and other special collections that are members only!) and save 24% off retail on all future orders.  There is no commitment to buy anything else ever again (although the Essential Rewards is a great program if you are hooked and will want to expand your essential oils collection) or to sell anything!  Here are a few steps to help you along the way:

Step 1: Make sure you choose Member. This is the only way to get the kit and get 24% off future purchases. But there is no obligation to ever buy anything else.

Note: If you clicked the link above my Member number should already be filled in under Sponsor ID and Enroller ID.  Check to make sure.  If it’s not, enter my Member # 2814459 in both blanks

Step 2: Choose your country and language and click next.

Step 3: Fill in your personal information.

Step 4: Create an account name and password. You’ll choose a 4 digit pin, make sure it’s something you’ll remember because you’ll need it if you go on live chat or for customer service

Step 5: Under Tax Information: choose individual. They will ask for your social security number but this is only if you ever decided to sell the oils and you start making money. Otherwise your social is never run or used for anything.

Step 6: Click the box that indicates you have read and agree to membership terms. Click agree and continue.

Step 7: Choose your starter kit.  The Premium Starter Kit is the only kit that comes with the 11 oils and the diffuser.  Use the arrows to browse the diffuser options. Some diffuser choices are additional cost but are greatly discounted for new members on this order only. Click the diffuser you are choosing before continuing.

beautiful new PSK

Step 8: You can choose to enroll in Essential Rewards now (see below for more information about this awesome benefit) or you can wait and enroll later at any point. Message me if you have any questions about Essential Rewards.

Step 9: If you want to add anything else to your cart, you can click Continue Shopping. If not, click Enrollment Checkout.

Step 10: Choose whether your shipping address is the same as your primary address.  If not, enter the correct shipping address.

Step 11: Choose how you would like your order shipped. Please note that the shipping time indicated does not include the 2-3 day packing time.  Please allow for that in your time frame!

Step 12: Enter your billing information for your preferred payment method. Click Next.

Step 13: Review and confirm that all your information on the screen is correct.

Step 14: Click Activate and Place Order to officially become a member! Welcome to my group Naturally Oily Adventures!  I’ll soon add you to my group’s Facebook page and provide you with other online resources that will help you along in your oily adventure!

What are Essential Rewards?

Essential Rewards (ER) is a monthly autoship program but it’s not as scary as it sounds (I don’t even do auto-bill pay but I love my ER!).  The items and date of shipping can be changed at any time and there are many benefits to joining Essential Rewards:

  1. Discounted shipping rate!!! Every little bit of savings helps, right?
  2. Earn “credits” towards free oils!  – So, how does that work? Well, this is based off your Personal Volume (PV). So, let’s say you have a 100PV Essential Rewards order. You will earn 10% of that = $10 in free oils. You can use this credit whenever, but I am letting mine add up so I can justify some of the more expensive oils that I wouldn’t normally splurge on! This percentage increases with time. Months 1-6 you will earn 10%. Months 7-12 you will earn 15%. Months 13+ you will earn 20%
  3. Receive monthly promo items = more free oils! 😉
  4. You have the option to sell Young Living oils.  If you choose to work the business end of Young Living you will need to be signed up for ER in order to arrange your organization in the most effective way.  You do NOT have to sell anything to be an ER member!!!

Things to know about Essential Rewards

  • You can sign up or cancel at any time (just make sure that you use your credits towards a new oil purchase before cancelling your ER membership so you don’t lose them!)
  • You can change your items, shipping date, or billing information at any time.
  • You can add multiple addresses to ship to friends and family so they can utilize your member discount.  PLUS this counts towards your PV so you get credit for helping them out! Win Win!
  • You do have to have a minimum order of 50PV each month.  But if you’re as excited about essential oils as I am this will be easy to order!

Young Living as a Business Opportunity:

Are you as PASSIONATE about essential oils as I am? Then Join the Lemon Dropper Revolution! Send me a message to find out more about joining our amazing team!

Have feedback or a story to share! Tell me here!

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